Видео: Globalstar GSP-1600 Engineering Mode - Handoffs & SNR

gsp-1600 trimode sat phone for globalstar service

Just some comments on the gsp-1600 qualcomm satphone.

GSP-1600 Page Plus on Verizon Network Extender - 9 Second Audio Delay

This is a Qualcomm/Kyocera GSP-1600 with a subscription to Page Plus, placing calls through a Verizon Network Extender.

GSP-1700 Satellite Phone: Getting Started

A light and feature-rich mobile satellite phone, the GSP-1700 helps you stay connected virtually anywhere.

We Are Globalstar

We live in a connected world, but what happens when the connection can't be made? Globalstar provides affordable and reliable ...

ГлобалТел Globalstar Qualcomm GSP-1700

ГлобалТел Globalstar Qualcomm GSP-1700. Поведение нового телефона, когда он еще не активирован.

HeySuccess - Global Star Moderator vol.2

Following the first part of the Hangouts, interns from Season IV of HeySuccess "Internship Challenge" will be interviewed for only ...


Invio di una mail utilizzando un telefono satellitare GSP-1600.

Make a Call on a Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone

Satmodo Presents: The GSP-1700. Topic 2: How To Make a Call on a Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone.

Get a Signal on a Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone

Satmodo Presents: The GSP-1700. Topic 1: How To Get a Signal on a Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone.


This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


Globalstar is a low Earth orbit satellite constellation for satellite phone and low-speed data communications, somewhat similar to ...

Making a call between an Iridium 9555 and a Telit 550 (Iridium to Globalstar)

I went camping with some friends, one of which had a Telit 550 Globalstar sat phone and we made a call from satphone to ...

Globalstar – Be Heard

Stay connected on the world's newest, most modern satellite network. Globalstar offers the best voice quality and the fastest data ...

Liquid Fire Fishing Team LIVE Globalstar Sat Phone Update - Jolly Mon King Mackerel Tournament

Check out the LIVE update from the water from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team during the Jolly Mon King Mackerel Tournament ...

Globalstar Overview (2012)

Globalstar Overview (2012)

Телефон СПУТНИКОВЫЙ Telit SAT550 Globalstar. Made in Italy.

Телефон спутниковый Telit SAT550 Globalstar. 12000 р.

Cell Phone Users Causing Delays

Story I shot with FOX23's Adam Paluka. Comments outside the scope of discussing the shooting or editing of this story will be ...

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